Forum Thread: Should I Use Vpnbook(Freevpn)?

Should i use Vpnbook for hacking activites (like nmap, metasploit)?
Is it reliable?

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I have tried vpnbook too on my kali, but it always failed to connect to the server. As for hacking activities, you really should avoid using free vpn.

is it complicated to hack an iPhone 4, to read sms text and intercept calls and without physical access to target phone?

I use OpenVPN. But then again what Phoenix750 just said. I guess I'll stop using that now.

You really shouldn't. OpenVPN is a piece of software that creates and manages secure VPN connections with a custom security protocol. OpenVPN is not a service provider itself.

If you are currently subscribed to a free VPN service that implements OpenVPN, all you would really need to do is switch to a paid service. For example, Express VPN offers their service with the OpenVPN protocol. There is no need to distrust the managing software. And if you do, you are always free to check out the source code.


I use Proxpn, its not awful. I bought a lifetime subscription for $40. Check it out. Its based in the Netherlands and also has a mobile app that is pretty solid.

For illegal activities you must need more than just a VPN i think.Even with encrypted tunneling good tech find you.Look at the Guy on tor.they get caught.

My friend the big problem is vpn keep log.Some company say no but I think if they have to choose between give you to authorities or a tribunal(lost money and may be even worst) they choose to give you.

The second argument from company to gain customer is we don't give log because we destroy them or we don't rec them.FALSE

They keep log for maintain task and other technical stuff.

If you wan't to be really anonym it's a job.Actually a very interesting task but hard to play.You need time , motivation ,money and you have to learn every day the new and read and read.

Look at the luzsec case on your prefer search engine.

Suggest me a good vpn with no logs and non US based.

i personally use whonix gateway,or you can try Tails.
depends on what you want.

what is your opinions about Airvpn and Cyberghost?

Whenever something is free, the client is the product

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