Forum Thread: Should We Be Able to Retaliate?

It has been suggested by some leading figures in information security that if you have been hacked (say by a cyber crime organization) that you should be able to hack back or retaliate on THEIRr computers. This certainly would be great for us hackers as it would give us a legal and legitimate use of our talents.

What do you think?

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2 Responses

I think this would be great if we were allowed to retaliate freely, but there would always be people who took arguments to the courts, and arguments over excessive force. As well as that, anyone who is good enough to cause any damage will be technologically untraceable to most of us, and this would cause all kinds of problems in courts with who hacked first and who was retaliating, and therefore who is breaking the law. It'd be nice to see some form of legalisation, even if it's allowing hacking with no malicious intents, or allowing hacking of illegal websites, etc.

I agree with Joe. Beside that they are cyber crime organisation running with the orders from GOVT & we are simple citizens. There will be no hearing for us.

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