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Hi Tuyishimire, this is an easy task to perform if you know the username and password of an account of your victim.
To see who is in your network you can type:
net view
And then a list will all the pc's will appear. It will be something like that:
Let's say that your victim's pc has two accounts created:
And the second account is for students:

Nou you will need to use the command net user to get acces to shutdown that specific pc.
net user \\(IP or Server name) /user:(Account name) (Password)

After you put that ip or server name, you will need to type in the account name you want to log in, in this example we will use the teacher account.

net user \\PC1 /user:Teacher admin
Now it should say that your command completed successfully.

Now you can use the shutdown command on that pc.
shutdown -s -f -m \\PC1 -t 0
And don't worry the teacher won't be able to find out even if he looks in event viewer.

Good luck friend.

If it's windows, just go to "network", find the PC, right click it, and activate admin shutdown.

Just couldnt leave you hanging...

from command prompt:
shutdown /s /f /m \\%computername% /t 00

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