Forum Thread: Site Cloning and SET Alternatives?

Hi there!
I've been crawling the Internet but got no answer. Maybe you guys can help me.

I am wondering how to host multiple sites cloned by SET. Is it enough to create them one by one, copy to folders in var/www (apache server)? All captured data would be stored in txt file or in multiple txt files? For example I want to clone gmail, facebook, null-byte login pages and host it on my machine, then spoof arp, redirect to my sites. Of course I can use httrack and then play some magic with php etc to do that, but I want to use SET (why? beacuse I want to learn new things!)

Is there any alternative to SET in site cloning and hosting? Don't mean mentioned above httrack and stuff like that.?
Thanks for any response!

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Maybe mana toolkit??

Clone it manually! I've cloned loads of sites manually, and actually prefer it as I get more control over how I do it. You know what, I'll write a tutorial! :)

i agree.


Wow, I knew some tricks, but always it is good to read someone clever. Thank you for your time. +1 ofc.

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