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Hi guys!

As you might know, in the "How-To" section in NullByte, there are categories, like "Bluetooth Hacking", "Hack like a pro", etc. When I browse inside each category, I see some great posts and tutorials, but it is kind of sad to see only tutorials made by Master OTW there. (Please take no offence, OTW) I see that everyday, there are some great posts out there, but I AM NOT SEEING ANY ONE OF THEM in the various categories. I would and most people like to add only the great posts made by others to each category, but we DO NOT have the permission to do that.

Now, Master OTW, you can do any ONE of these things:

  • Either give normal users the permission to add posts to different categories, (But I personally don't recommend that)
  • Or you can appoint 4-5 responsible users on NullByte like, for example, C|H, Phoenix, Ghost_, etc to monitor the posts and add them to their respective categories.

You don't need to add help posts to any categories, but please, DO ADD good tutorials BY OTHERS.


POSTMARK : Sorrry OTW, I've got no choice.

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Hope the message is delivered.

if i want a post of mine to be in a certain category, i ask OTW to put it there. just like i did with my post about CUPP, which is in the password cracking category.

OTW already confirmed he will add some kind of "moderators" in this post.


Nope, OTW awards members of NullByte, but he does not say anything about moderators. And we should not request him, he should have people who do that work automatically for him.

There are two other moderators in Null Byte who can move articles to categories at will. If you see an article that is worthy of moving, you only need to PM me and I will consider it.

Okay, OTW. Thanks.

fellows are some kind of moderators.

...are they?


Some of the categories are also solely for a specific series (the ones with Part 1, Part 2, etc.), as in Linux Basics, Bluetooth Hacking, Exploit Building, etc., and we link back to those categories whenever referring to those series. Those are the categories we usually don't add others' articles to, because they're not actually a part of the series.

Most of the categories without "Part" in the article headlines are fair game, though—as long as they're well written, factually correct, a valuable asset to anyone looking at those categories, etc. Like OTW said, you just gotta ask. And if you made it into a category, consider it an achievement. :)

We can also make other categories, so if you ever have suggestions on that and what should be included in them, let us know.

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