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Recently i bought an Raspberry Pi B and it was awesome. It was quite fast for such a device and that got me thinking about something.

What if someone bought alot of mini computers and placed them around free wifi areas and started using them (proxy or whatever)

Is there another small microprocessor WITH wifi which costs almost nothing? I know there is an Raspberry pi that is even tinyer but is doesnt support wifi or an ethernet connection.


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There are several tutorials for making Pi Routers or Tor nodes with them. (Most are on Instrucables or the pi website)

However you would need to go ahead and configure them and such.

Here's a crazy project:

...make your Raspberry Pi's water-proof and with self-powering sources (battery pack and solar-panel), then drop these bundles "around free wifi areas", like a on a roof , using a drone to get the bundle up on a roof...

PS. Yeah, go with a Pi 3, I hear they're 10x faster than the original Pi and come with Wifi and bluetooth.

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