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I was wondering if smart password generator like eliot use in MR ROBOT is really exist and viable ?

if u didnt watch the show it is a ganerator that you put in the all the info u have on him and its create a wordlist for u to use and try to brute force is passwords.

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Of course it would be possible, you wouldn't need a program though! By using some basic psychology, you should be able to come up with some passwords they might have, such as pet names, birthdays, and names/nicknames/birthdays/etc of close people. If you combine this with large "starter" wordlists, and then feed it into a cracker, you should be able to have a pretty formidable password brute forcer.

Creating a personalized wordlist file and bruteforcing with crunch would be possible!

It's pretty possible. :o

Not really. For example, you can't brute force my password. It was created with something long ago that I would change if I were to think it again. So, you need information on me at every point of time, enough to guess the password. Such a thing isn't possible for another 2000 years at least. Another 3000 for enough meaning on the data.

This thing you say, though, sounds like a misuse of AI.


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