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Would anyone like to design an app or smartphone interface from which browsing this site from an iPhone device would be easier? I apologize for being needy, but the vast amount of free time I have I am always away from a computer, and unfortunately reading articles from an idevice is frustrating.

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That's actually not a bad idea and was suggested by some, and it's not actually difficult to build, except for the login part maybe it would require a little more. However, the staff should be responsible for that, since they have ads on the site.

We're currently incorporating a mobile-friendly design across the whole site, so an app won't be necessary. Just have to wait until Bryan gets all the kinks out of the new design. :)

Sorry for being needy, but when is Bryan going to give us the code editor? I've been waiting for it for months :(


It should be included in the new design coming up. Doesn't make sense to build it into the current design when the new one is coming out soon. Not sure what the timetable is right now, so that's a good question for him.

Can't wait for it x)

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