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I am new here and new to pentesting in general. I have been taking some online tutorials( and and when I dont understand what the tutorial is explaining, I stop it, get more info on the subject, then pickup where it left off. Does anyone posting questions here actually look for an answer or do they all just want other people to tell them what to do? Its more sad than funny, everyone wants to be a "hacker" but no one can google anything or put the time in to learn what to do, they just want to know what to do. On the other end of the spectrum, thank you to everyone that post knowledgeable posts so newbies like me can actually learn from experienced people.

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Sadly, your analysis seems to be correct. Most of the really great content posters don't post often, if at all anymore. And everyone else seems to want instant ability without ever trying.

But hey, you can always help turn this around. By posting insightful/educational posts on topics that you're good at, (mathematics and psych for me) you can teach others on this site and generate high-quality, effective posts.

I completely agree AU REVOIR. I am genuinely interested in this field, and in my experience, the more I learn, the easier the task and especially the easier to find the solution for the problem at hand. Thanks for your comment my friend!

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