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Hey guys I am planing on trying to put together a drone with a raspberry pi that runs snoopy-ng, i am sure a lot of people have heard about this project, so i was interested if anyone in this community has successfully made one? If not I will attempt in making it and share it with the null byte community if i succeed.

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I actually did just exactly that. I had everything set up correctly, except my drone wasn't powerful enough.

So here is a tip for you: Your drone will need to lift more than just your RPi. It will need to lift: power pack + antenna + raspberry pi + cables (optional: + bluetooth antenna to send live info back to you + a little camera to record things).

So make SURE you calculated your total lift weight with your drone's power and it's battery life very well!


Will make sure I do, I saw the thread you previously talked about this on and you where exactly the person I was expecting to respond here :). Would you mind if i contact you for help if or more like when I run into difficulties?

Ofcourse not, hit me up anytime if you need help.

Another tip: you would do good by reading my Electricity/Electronics series, as you will most likely come in contact with electronics in this project. For example: the amount of electricity is something that will be vital information for your battery, and i will talk about the amount of electricity in part 3.


I am already up to date with your series and I check a few times a day if you have updated :D a big part of the project will be adding the raspberry pi's power supply you mentioned you will demonstrate in the series, so I am on the look out for the next one.

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