Forum Thread: So, if You Are Using Tor, Your a Criminal..I Guess

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I just had to share this . Linkedin published it like "news".

you are not commiting a crime by using a web browser, however if you are using it for malicious purposes, yes you would be breaking the law. you have to remember that protecting your privacy is not against the law, not to mention there are other ways of changing your ip that are legal, such as proxies and vpn.

I see TOR like a knife. Can you murder someone with a knife? ofcourse you can! Does that mean we should prohibit knifes and stop using it to cut our meat? Ofcourse not!

So like you said, TypoGuy, it doesn't matter what it is, only what you do with it.


TOR is like a tank. You can own one and drive one, but people around you will get suspicious and may think you are a threat of some sort. So even though it isn't illegal, it can be considered a menace by some.

You're still right though, we shouldn't ban something purely for the reason that it has the ability to be misused in a harmful way (which applies to nearly everything).


I'm not sure if a regular citizen is allowed to own a tank though...


This article is talking about the "dark web" meaning illegal sites (drugs, weapons, etc) and has no mention of tor at all.

jack-how else are you going to access a dark market?

Freenet, I2P...

Take note that non-indexed sites are also part of the "dark web". You don't necessarily need TOR or I2P.


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