Forum Thread: Social Engineering Help?

I was wondering, as a grey hat in training, what is some ways to grab a password through social engineering? Thanks!

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By the way, this is without linux.

Just ask for it. If you want an email pasword just say something like "Hey its <insert name here> from corporate. It looks like you have some important emails stuck up in your que. Would you mind providing your password so i can free them up?". I would be careful as i have not tested it myself.

Thanks. I was considering that, anymore ideas? Im not new to the other aspects of hacking, but I am with social engineering, and grabbing passwords has always been my biggest flaw.

well, what is he best way to find out a password without kali?

For this one you will not need kali, install metasploit on windows ba dum tss!

The best I saw was:

1 - Buy some USB drivers and create a program that will be self-executed when the USB is inserted on the PC

2 - This program will be a self-executing backdoor on the target, it will be capable to bypass the firewall

3 - Leave these USB drivers nearly your target (on the desk, inside a a place that you know your target will see and catch it to see what's inside)

3 - Now that you have a clear channel on the target fire up metasploit (on windows of course)

4 - After some steps active the keylogger and tadaaaaa :)

(ps-you said that you know hackers stuffs so there are some hide steps above that you will now do)

"Hello Cameron, we have just received word that your apple ID was used in Moscow. We strongly recommend you change your password to: WX34TY in order to verify that you are not in Moscow. We always value your security.

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