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Hola !
I was wondering what was the right path to take for someone who intends to compromise a person's computer ?

It seems to me "pentesting" (I don't know what else I can call it) is pretty tricky to perform in real life against a PC since it would be hard to get someone's ip, and even then, we have to pray they won't reboot their modem.

SE seems the logical choice, but with these AVs and IDS, no malicious file can execute without being spotted, and encryption doesn't help at all ! The only thing left is to create a unique malware from scratch.

So before involving further in either area, what do you think I should chosoe ?

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its not as hard as you think to get someone's IP, in fact its pretty much easy, in short i would advise pen-testing,, but to compromise someone's computer that's illegal . alt-ho from your talk learning pen testing based on these intention wouldn't get you that far ;°

Yep, it's easy to get it, but harder to keep it. Could you give me some up-to-date resources, please ?

And no, nothing illegal, dude. It's just IN CASE. I know the trends are going towards a complete digitalization. I would be stupid if I didn't prepare myself effectively to defend (or even retaliate) against some mischievous bastard..

A hacker has to master both. And contrary to what you might think, normal AVs aren't that powerful, nor is it at all hard to find IPs.

But of course, aren't the same arguments applicable to both sides, with little to no modifications?

-The Joker

Yep, a kacker has to master both, but he still has to begin somewhere. It always seemed hard for me to bypass an AV without having to create a custom malware, and I never found anything about ip "harvesting". Well, I know, I just didn't search too deeply. I was always afraid I was going the wrong way. Care to share some resources ?

As for you last sentence, I didn't really understand it.

Some simple searches and some time can give results. We have some series on Null Byte you might be interested in, and some more great things around the internet (hard to find for free). I could search some for you if you want, but that's against learning.

That last line can be better explained with an example argument. Say, it is hard to bypass AVs in pentesting, then it is also hard to make the target do what you want, ie. bypassing his own judgement. In a similar way, all arguments are cross-applicable.

-The Joker

social engineering is a step in the penetration testing process.

Well I really think I failed using a correct title. What I meant was "is it still possible to exploit without having to lean on user interaction ?". And is it better for me to focus on exploit writing or malware writing ?

(I would also like an answer regarding Android).

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