Forum Thread: some cool presentations !?

what are some top conferences or presentation that you think every hacker should have watched or at least be familiar with,

ps; just wanting to get a deeper understanding of the culture and maybe see the bigger picture o the mentality ,

I've been watching defcons and stuff , and i came across some really interesting presentations by some really cool people, i mean i'm really sure i haven't watched all of them, so if you happen to know some cool links, help a brother out.

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DEF CON is a good start. I think blackhat might have some too.

I've watched blackhat, pretty much all TV shows and movies not long after their release, i'm talking IRL.

SANS might have some

Never heard of it! can u share a link please.

really bro !!

Mr.robot !! who hasn't watched the show, what i'm looking for is IRL (educational stuff).

Mr Robot is the closest TV Show you'll encounter towards learning hacking educational wise.

I don't have Netflix, I can't watch the show :/

Also, I remember OTW doing a series of hacking tutorials based on the Mr. Robot show.

why not watch it online,, hell download the show,, HD qualitty !!!!!

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