Forum Thread: Someone Knows an Alternative Open-Source Mobile O.S Focusing on Privacy and Cryptography?

Please, I would like to format my Android and use an new o.s that focus on privacy and cryptography. I've already searched but I didn't had much luck on what I expect, so maybe you guys could help me on this.

I appreciate any indications. :)

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Hey PaganGuy, thanks for reply, but I'm searching something different. I don't want an mobile pentest OS, I'm searching if exists, an open-souce version of CryptoPhone for example, which I can download and install on my current Android without need to buy a new cellphone.

cryptophone sourcecode is like the third result on google. Idk much about it, but can you not just load it into your phone?

Hey M4R10, thanks for reply.

Well sincerely, I'm a very layman in the mobile area, so I don't know either if it's possible or not, but if it was, I don't think they would put it there for free and at the same time try sell their product. But I can be wrong too..

Well, they do the pwnphone os for free, but still charge like 1000+$ for the product from them. So it is quite likely and i don't know if this is what you're talking about, but maybe these videos will be somewhat useful to you.

It isn't necessarily a new OS, but it might be a step in the right direction towards what you're looking for :)

Nice, I'll check, thank you for the indications and for your time. :)

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