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I am new to the forums, and currently my plan is to use Kali Linux with Ettercap to spoof my victim from to an exact site but with the title and a few articles changed, I used Ettercap and chaned all the conf and dns file settings to the required ones, but I can't seem to spoof. My ettercap can scan my target's email password but that's not what I want tho. In the dns folder I have A (my device IP) and in the ettercap settings I have Victim Ip in Target 1 and my router IP in Target 2 but the spoof isn't working. I have been working on this for a month and really want to find a solution!. If any of you can help please help, I wouldn't even mind if you guys could do it for me!

Thank you Much Help Appreciated

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when i type in route my gateway shows up as 0.0.0. is that why my attack is failing? please help

I can't help you much : I don't use ettercap (since I built my own tool for mitm and dns snooping spoofing).

However I can maybe give you some general tracks:

  • Did you flush your victim DNS cache ? Host tend to store DNS results
  • Concerning your gateway. what result give ifconfig ?

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