Forum Thread: Squid Proxy at Work with Authentication

Hi guys,
At work there is a squid proxy with authentication, everybody has to connect to it to access internet.

Now, on my laptop I have Ubuntu Desktop I have two virtual machines running ubuntu server with squid and stunnel , One is called squid1 and the other squid2. Now, my ubuntu Desktop connects to squid2 through stunnel and squid2 connects to squid1 through stunnel. Squid1 connects to the squid proxy at work.

Once I have this conf running, I launch your-freedom and set the proxy configuration to use host localhost and port the one defined in my ubuntu Desktop stunnel configuration, I have also configured your-freedom to use openvpn. When I start the conection in your-freedom everything works fine, I can access the internet etc...

Now, I create a hotspot so I can connect my phone to the internet, the hotspot is using tun0 which is the interface openvpn creates, again, everything works fine, my phone connects to the openvpn and I can install apps from google play.

Social networks are banned by network administrators at work, but I can access them through my phone. My questions are:

1- With this network configuration I 've created, Am I safe from network administrators at work? will they be able to see that I am accessing social networks?

2- When browsing the internet through the squid proxy at work does my username get logged?

Thanks guys....

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