Forum Thread: SSLstrip Only Works on MITM?

Hi, all!
I was just testing sslstrip for the first time.

I wasn't using arpspoofing or any target system for that matter. I was just using my own internet traffic to see if sslstrip would redirect my pages to http. For whatever reason, it hasn't redirected anything. Is it designed to only work with a MITM attack?

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I do apologize for the noobiness, but I was told that you arpspoof first, redirect the traffic with iptables, and then redirect https to http with sslstrip. Thanks anyways.

MitM attacks can work alongside each other. That's why they're so amazing...

Thank you. Sorry if I caused you any aggression towards my lack of knowledge, haha! I am not very experienced with networking, usually just social engineering.

That ok. We all have our own area we focus on. MitM and XSS are probably my obvious areas.

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