Forum Thread: Ssltrip Not Working in Kali 2.0

when i type ssltrip command,
i get command not found. First it was working but afterwards i think i messed it up while fixing some other errors.
Now when i type "sslstrip" i get "command not found"
please tell what to do.

Thanks in advance,
Appreciate your help.

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2 Responses

perhaps you haven't got it installed. Try running apt-get update, then apt-get install sslstrip. Make sure you're not typing trip instead of strip

Honestly I just stopped trying to even use Kali 2.0 and went back to by 1.1.0 image.

It's very unstable. I crashed a terminal within an hour and all I was running was top, airodump-ng, and navigating the file system in another terminal. The Metasploit service is gone so you'll have to create your own database instead of the initial setup creating it for you. The native Ruby integration does load Metasploit faster but was still using 98 to 100.1% (that's not a joke) of my CPU. Thankfully the resources do decrease while you're not using it (unlike the previous version where it ran hot as long as Metasploit was open ) but I noticed it did still peak up there as I was loading modules and setting options. That's not really a huge deal though. If you setup a listener and just have it waiting at least it's not burning your CPU anymore.

Oh and I didn't even mention the problems I had with airmon. My initial try I had to put my monitor mode into monitor mode to get it to work! Wtf! Craziest thing I ever saw. I ended up with an interface named wlan0monmon. Anyway, I backed out the wlan0monmon, killed the conflicting processes and ran it again to get wlan0mon and it worked the second time.

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