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Im new in this of hacking and i want to know what i need for learning ethical hacking, and where i can found books and stuff like that about this theme..


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Welcome to Null Byte! You will find a wide range of tutorials on many different subjects in the "How-To" section. Also I highly recommend "Hacking - the art of exploitation" by Jon Erickson.

the first thing you will need to know is how to use Linux. then you should move on to how Metasploit works. then, learn a scripting language. then, you should read a book. i highly recommend "Hacking: the art of Exploitation". in this book, you will learn how exploits are developed. now you have a solid basis. then you should move on to recon. recon is VERY IMPORTANT in hacking, so study it carefully!

then, there are other things you can study, like password cracking, man in the middle attacks, social engineering, etc...

it also never hurts do your own research! search google for articles on hacking and search the news for inspiration in hacking. it's always nice to read how other attacks were performed so you can carry them out yourself someday!

i hope i helped, and welcome to this wonderful profession and Null-Byte!



Please read my article here.

It outlines everything you need to know as a newbie at Null Byte.


Know what you want to achieve with hacking. since its ethical hacking then i'd also recommend learning a programming language, study the technical terms. and when you are advanced with the languages and probably know 2 kinds, then create useful software for newbies or just anyone who can put it to use. and yes become very proficient with Linux aswell.

hope it helps

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welcome to null-byte, btw.


no problem i will change it ASAP, thanks for tell it


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Everyone will obviously say: learn programming: HTML,then maybe python, java, ruby, perl. Learn linux next, and get yourself a VMware version of kali linux. afterwards work your way from aircrack-ng to metasploit. Tbh, the path you want is yours, as long as it works out.

Maybe not in that order, but yeah

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