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Something to think about.

Step 1: ( Noobs Unite). If You Like This Post Please Give a Few Kudo's.

Have you all noticed that more and more elite hackers are giving up their secrets? But here is the question are they giving all of them up.

And why do you think that could be?

There was a time when you could hack, Trojan and pretty much mess with anyone system without any worry of the law interfering.

I think those times are over, and I think the Hackers know that. Now if I was a smart elite hacker what would I do. I might do is this.

"hum mm, OK this sucks I am seeing masters of hacking going to jail, man Johny Law is all over us now."

What to do,

"Shoot well might be best to give out just enough information that will start a huge increase in hacking, If I give law enforcement easy targets they will go for them and I can continue my practice."

Now I am sure you all know that social engineering is a specially of hackers. And I think they are also very. very good chess players.

In chess if the King is in danger, give up a pawn. But to give up pawns you must have pawns to sacrifice. Now is this kinda making more sense? Give out enough information that have pawns that feel as if they can hack, They become a smoke screen while the elite hackers keep their elite hacking skills to themselves.

(BTW do a net search on the rise of hacking in conjunction with the rise of law enforcement prosecutions. You will see a correlation. Could this be the creation of a smoke screen?.)

I am not saying to not pay attention to what the elite hackers are teaching. There is a code of honor But to keep in mind that they are only giving you the basics and you have to move beyond that. To see that its really a point of beginning and not the end. If you feel you are a hacker just because you understand their tut and begin to hack away wooohooo boya!! I got it!!! Well nice knowing you, tell me how jail works for you

So here is the question, do you want to play the part of a pawn. to be sacrificed at the whim of the master, or do you want to move beyond that to Knight, Bishop, Queen or to be your own KING! That depends on your own work and how far you think and study beyond what you read..

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This is why you do your research. Question everything.

I even find myself questioning and researching things that OTW puts out. It's not that I think he's spreading misinformation, it's more that I want to be fully aware of everything. An inquisitive nature, in my opinion, is an important trait for a hacker to have.

"I wonder what will happen if I do this?"

Discovery is all about curiosity and the need to know more.


I agree fully Ghost.

I am not saying that the learning sites are spreading misinformation, I think there is a good chance that many smart hackers which would include really bad hackers have found that a popular site can generate revenue in advertising dollars.

Another reason could be, as the saying goes "you have to have a student to become a teacher." The creation of more hackers is a huge benefit to pen testers and network security in general.

ps, I question OWT also even who he is.
sheep get slaughtered while while a smart wolf goes undetected. I want to be the latter.

JON may be right...actually i think you're right! but i really don't like the fact that you are attacking the great Master OTW...about security and protecting your ass he shouts it out all the time...he even has articles written in which he talks about only protecting your ass!!! and after giving tutorials most of the time he goes on to talk about if the exploit is traceable or not...there are lots of articles of his which talks only about hiding your tracks...

of course you don't expect somebody to develop a super new exploit and come and share it without enjoying it to the maximum first...what about if that's his source of income or something...

WE SHOULD BE ON OUR KNEES SUCKING MASTER OTW OFF..for the job he is doing...he is giving us the cutting a sod for a big project...if you want to continue sit your ass up and learn..if not just go elsewhere...

I as a second year computer engineering student I have found his tutorials sooooooo helpfull...he has a way of explaining things in a soo simple way..i wish i had him as a professor...

IN SHORT..your observations are good...but pls..if you don't appreciate the master...some of us do....don't attack his good works...YOU TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY for what you do..and not the master!!!


I am sorry you feel I am pointing this article at OWT. Actually I am not, If I felt that he was engaged in anything nefarious I would not be here and posting here.

Also please see my expanded possibilities that I posted in reply to Ghosts comment.

But I do wonder who he is and what his motivations are for posting here. Personally I think that is a healthy attitude to have. As an Artist I also study philosophy and one of the first points to learn is to question everything, even your own questions.

(Disclaimer, I am in no way pointing my article or posts in this thread at OWT or Wonder How To in any way or in any form. I actually encourage study here.)

Well, that's quite the explosive subject.
I have to admit, i neither agree nor do i disagree with what you are syaing in here.

First of all, i think it's necessary to distinguish in your article hackers from crackers. That a hacker shares knowledge is absolutly normal, as a hacker views his peers as valuable people and he knows that team work and sinnergy lead to better output.

Now, not all people are well intentioned, in fact a majority are not. So, what you are talking about exists (without generalising though).

Concerning "the pawns" you talk about in your articles, excuse me for saying so but they are the responsibles of their own actions. If i give you a knife, you can use it to cut a steak or mug people, none of it is my responsibility. People and "new crackers" are looking for troubles. I mean just reading commentaries from members on articles from OTW shows that. For example on the articles 95% of ATMs run on XP, OTW uses this article to explain to people that understanding XP and its vulnerabilities is not outdated, yet people ask "can you teach us how to hack atm".

Finally, if i can give a word of advice to people new to the field, use a controlled lab to do your testing. don't go hacking amazon or thinking you can get out of your speeding ticket. u can set up a lab for not much, in addition to you everyday computer, you can use 1 or 2 old computers (preferably with different os) on a LAN. Add to that a few OS images and virtualization and you can test your skills legally on a controlled environment playing both the hacker and admin thus understanding both sides and learning double.


You hit it on the nose, I wrote this article after reading some of the comments in OWT's Shodan article and, well pretty much all the comments on all the articles.

You can see that people have their Kali box and are just rearing to go even without fully understanding what they are doing. That to me is a pawn. And its OK to be a pawn they sometimes make it to the end of the board and become a Queen, although to me that's kind of a dangerous route to take.

(Disclaimer, I am in no way pointing my article or posts in this thread at OWT or Wonder How To in any way or in any form. I actually encourage study here.)

hahaha JOH're very mentioned OTW you're saying what you're saying is not about OTW...

what do you mean by who is he...who does he has to be? is that important? do you want to learn something or get to know about the private life of people? priorities ....

anyway the fact remains that everybody is responsible for what he or she does... and if you're not gonna appreciate...may be is better just to shut up...OTW..has lots of articles about covering your tracks and not getting caught and if i don't remember wrongly even in the shodan article he made it clear that it possible to be traced or something of the sort....


Sorry man I cant explain it any clearer than what I wrote believe what you want..

Look at groups like anonymosity, who teach their followers just enough to assist in hacking a site that they choose. I am not judging in anyway, but if you would take the time to do a simple google on arrests in conjunction with different groups and read some of the posts in those groups you will see that they encourage people who are not qualified to do so..

Yep, notice all the arrests involved because the members didn't even know how to hide their location properly. I mean really now, if you cant even hide your actions should you really be hacking?

Can you list some ways to hide yourself without using a VPN?

I hear a lot about DNS leakage and such.

wow you must be psychic, I am just now posting an update on my first perl script which covers just that.

Sweet! I'll have to take a look and see what I can learn from it! :D

Great Marco,

Sauole is helping on the script also. Its kinda complicated at the beginning so feel free to ask questions and I will be more than happy to answer. Its purpose is to automatically put you into stealth mode while covering your tracks. I will wait on OWT's article before really explaining the details of it as I think it will explain much of it.

The script is in forums, under the name hacking stealth script.


I have an article on how to use proxychains to hide your identity coming out within the next 24 hours.



Could you also include how to proxy through I2p rather than using Tor for the proxychains. There is a huge amount of info on using Tor but very little on i2p and I am really thinking that its a safer and better route to go.

If not I will put allot of effort into researching it fully and do a post.

do that and make the post JON MASTERS :) big ups ;)

The Lion King:

Mate, he's not saying anything bad about OTW. He's simply musing that it could be something that's happening.

We're all about being aware here. You should be questioning everything because that's the nature of a hacker.

From what I can see, OTW is just a guy who finds joy in helping others go along the same path as himself. That's what I see, but we don't know OTW. We don't know if he has ulterior motives or anything, but that's how it should be.

Yes, everything he is giving us is about covering your tracks and staying out of prison. But do you know what kind of category that falls under? Awareness. If you blindly accept something for face value, not only are you naive and gullible, but you're also unaware of what could really be going on.

Like I said, OTW seems like a top guy and I think we're all very grateful for the help he is giving us, but it never hurts to have a little precaution. Especially in what we do.


of course i perfectly agree with why don't you just go on and talk about staying out of jail without trying to shout somebodys name out...if u check well i said he is correct..but my point is that..if you wanna make an observation do so...his observation is good...but don't try to pull people in the may ask questions...but when you start to tag people with question know..people tend to go to conclusions...anyway we all got the point...happy learning to everyone!

The Lion King:

I've never dragged OTW's name through the mud, nor would I ever. As a qualified journalist, I don't believe in defamation of character.

In any case, you should never assume. It makes an ass of u and me.


Thank you! In the meantime I have a few questions about Proxies and VPN's.

Since Proxies can be seen by ISP's, whats the point besides hiding your IP and changing your Geo-Location. Clever JavaScript and Flash can easily find out your real IP I hear, is that true?

VPN's are a step up because ISP's can't see what your doing but they know when you connect somewhere. That being said, if the VPN saves logs, then are you not screwed? Can't your true IP also been seen with Flash and JavaScript if your not careful?

Lastly, are there any other methods of hiding your IP that are not those two? I was looking into it, and I heard about Slave machines, but what are the dangers of those? Besides being Illegal.

You are correct,

This is why you use a Tor browser as it disables java ect. It also uses dns other than your isps which helps to cover up dns leaks.

Your point of weakness is the exit node. This can be mitigated by reconnecting to your Tor service periodically, thus creating a new exit node and limiting the information each exit nodes have available.

I will be adding the above to my script here sometime today.


I am not sure how your ISP can see that you are using a proxy if the proxy is actually between you and the ISP. So from what i know and understand, if you and your proxi are on the same subnet of your ISP you are good (although the proxy is likely to have logs) as the packets will go directly from you to the proxy without going through the isp (i am not considering dns here).

From a comment i just received from OTW, my assumptions concerning the ISP might be wrong, and all packets might go through it.

concerning javascripts, flash, cookies and more, they generate packets that can be sent normally (without going through the specified proxy, or using vpn) to a specified IP. this is to my knowledge how they can locate you.

Ah i was about to ask where i get one of these magical proxies from. but OTW has beaten me to it

you could use a nested loop to set your script to kill the TOR service after 5 minutes of inactivity and run an if statement to start the service if its not running. That way the script will always have a fresh exit node every time you come to your computer, say after making a coffee, but will never drop in the middle of say a vulns scan

Thanks ex1

oooo nice ex1. Could you write that part for the Stealth script? Thats better than what I am capable of at my level of coding skills.

I can certainly have a look dude. Where is the script? Sorry I've been absent for some time.

ghost you didn't write the article! we're just commentators...i was refering to he who wrote the article


I truly want to thank you for your posts here, and so aptly demonstrating the topic of this post. It is an extremely good thing OWT is not the type listed in the article. But rest assured should I someday start an organization you would be my first recruit.

I rest my case and my statements and the validity of my article. I am done with this thread time to move on to bigger and better things.

While I don't question the validity of your article, I am surprised by your surprise and sudden realization of this. I'll Quickly point out here I sincerely believe that Master OTW's motives are.....different to others teaching.

However I think its important to note that if i give you a gun and show you what the trigger is and you shoot yourself in the face, it's not my fault, its your own. I don't doubt that some people are intending for noobs to "shoot them selves in the face", but for every 1000 prosecutions of idiots, there is potentially one good hacker produced. So in this sense I guess you could look at as a trial by fire, as opposed to being set up to fail.

Only people willingly playing the part of pawns via ignorance combined with arrogance can be used as such, Choose not to be a pawn. Read Machievalli's "the prince", perhaps "the 48 laws of power" also Mitnicks "hacking the human" is a good read. SE is quite possibly the way of the future hacks to an extent, which should change every hackers MO vastly.


It wasn't a an epiphany. The article was geared towards those who do not have the experience or wisdom to see it for themselves. The mind must first see the possibility of a potential reality before it can then begin to change its belief structure.

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