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Hello, I have a question,

In order to stay safe while hacking, we need some precautions like buying a VPN. Let's say we buy a VPN with bitcoins from LocalBitcoin, then we mix those bitcoins a few times before paying for the VPN.

How do we access the wallets anonymously? I see no point in mixing bitcoins if we use our ip address to access the wallets.

Thank you.

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I'm not an expert on VPN's, but is it really necessary to be anonymous when buying the VPN service?

Yes because those payment informations are stored on their servers, so even if they don't keep any logs, they can track your billing address.

Do you really think that Vpn are safe? Also buyed with bitcoin... No. Is Tor safe? No.

Vpn are good for privacy, not for anonimity. Hacking is not something you can do from home. To stay a bit safe you've to leave your phone at home, go far from where you live with public transports, boot a live OS and configured to use tor for all services and not only for browsing... you've to change your mac address, breach into some wifi, do what you want to do, clear router's logs if you can, only logs relative to your work, not all. Switch off and hide your live OS support (Usb, Sd etc). While you move wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses... Hide tattoo or similar marks. Security cameras are everywhere. People think that hacking is a game but often they cry like babies. Hacking is funny but i suggest you to safely use a personal lab and leave risks to real and skilled black hat that gain a lot of money from their "work". Peace.

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