Forum Thread: How to Steal Passwords via Android Payload

hello null-byte world :D

i have a qst ! after creat an android payload and send it to some one , and start multi/handler , all what i can do dumpsms , webcamsnap .... etc ??

can i upload a script to victim phone to steal all passwords ? or steal them manually via shell ? going some place in android os and find them ? and after them download them as .db ?? or even steal the access token of fb ?? i searched for that alot but i dont find any things in google or youtube , can i take ur help and tnx for all

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Wait for the answer

.db format work using database reading web sites i think so

every apk have folder in root/data/data have alot of db files
but they dont contain any password !

Use send_sms to get the phone number
then,dumb_sms , contacts,and everything
check for the name of the person on those files
when you get the name go to google then find my email and search with name and phone number

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