Forum Thread: Step-by-Step to Hacking


I remember that someone asked advices on how to progress in the realm of hacking, and another folk gave an example of Web hacking.

The advice was something like : "You want to know how the web works, so you begin studying TCP/IP and protocols, next you begin HTML and CSS, next you learn javascript, and then PHP and SQL for injections....."

Can someone tell me if this is the best approach? what abouta methodology learning low-level stuff? (debuggers, disassemblers, shellcode, reverse engineering,...)?

This piece of advice seems to be one of the best things i ever saw here(Null Byte).

Thank you in advance!

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2 Responses

OTW already has already addressed this.. try using the search up above

The search bar is a fickle thing. There are plenty of times where I had to give up a search because the keyword was in too many posts.

The best path imo is to:

  • learn fundamental programming
  • learn how a computer works (hardware, os, basic ports, directories)
  • learn command line and most commonly used tools
  • learn assembly, practicing using debuggers
  • learn web development and use that knowledge to find vulnerabilities
  • finally enter the next stage by building your own exploits and viruses from scratch

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