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Dear community,

2 of my laptops got stolen from home last Wednesday.
Not to speak about all the rest.

I've informed the police but I don't know if they will actually do something.

Does someone got an idea please as all the life's work of my gf are on it among some sensitive pictureskin which she really dosent want to share with the rest of the world.

We only have a serial number of her laptop and the Internet shop that I ordered from can't provide me mine, a new lenovo laptop :(

She has an HP envy.

Please help by giving some advice please.

Thanks in advance,


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you can look around to see how you can trace it
maybe there is something in your routhers history
im a noob so i dont know everything but just look around

That's kool!
Thanks a lot.
I will have a look and see if I can get some info out of it.

I've checked the Internet but not many options.
Used Google maps timeline. Without success.

The laptop should have a mac address. Also it is best to backup everything to a portable drive or an online storage device.

Check kraigslist ads and local pawn ships to see if they pop up.

Thanks guys!
I found my serial number from the manufacturer.

I'll read up about the mac address and see how I can apply it.

I've checked the Google maps timeline. Without any success.
They probably erased everything :(

I will read up on it and I'm gonna ask the shop to retrieve it for me from the manufacturer.
It would be so kool if u would be able to trace it for me, I would be forever greatful!

I have my serial number by now so the MAC address is the one I'll be going for now :D
I'll keep u guys up to date!

Does anyone know how to find my MAC address if the webshop doesn't want to contact the manufacturer?
It's from lenovo, could I contact them with the serial number?

I have contacted them on different ways but they say that they can not help me and I start to feel like I have no chance finding my laptop anymore :(

do you have the boxes and manuals from it

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