Forum Thread: How to Store and Check Secretly What Has Been Seen and/or Copied from Pendrive?

Many times we have private data on our pen drives securely hidden but still there is chance of it being found. is there any way or tool which secretly records on the pendrive itself a log kind of file of whatever has been viewed and/or copied from it?

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What I would suggest to you sir, would be to invest in a usb rubber ducky. This hacking tool is disguised as a usb but the computer thinks it's a keyboard, so anything you write to the sd card on the ducky will be injected into the computer at superhuman speeds. This usb rubber ducky has a feature called Twin Ducky, which will allow you to take files from the target computer in under ten seconds and take out the usb rubber ducky quickly. For more information on this device I would visit

i dont want any data from the target computer.. all i want to know is what files of my pd has been accessed and/or copied

The rubber ducky can do that to. It's basically like a really fast keyboard that lets you type anything you want at a superhuman speed, and copy data to another drive.

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