Forum Thread: Stuck Here While Updating Kali Linux 2016.2?

I just installed Kali 2016.2 on Vmware Station. I was scrolling through the internet to see the kind of necessary stuff I need to do just after installing the OS and I came across various articles with each one of them advising to update the distribution.

This is the command I used to upgrade:
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade

It took a good amount of time to download the necessary stuff and now has taken up some solid hours to install the downloaded files; it's been over 30 mins since I'm stuck at this particular point. It isn't moving anymore, tried clicking enter and moving the terminal but it's stuck!

If I power if off, would I have to re-download all the stuff?

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If you are using virtualbox then machine/ reset...
Hope it helps...

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