Forum Thread: Suggestion About Facebook Bruter That I Am Making

Hi, I am currently making a script the bruteforces facebook.

It's because I did a tutorial on Instagram bruteforcing, but apparently people also wants me to do a tutorial on facebook.

There are some non-functioning bruteforce in github, so I am thinking to make one.
I am making it using python, and you guys can tell me to put what inside it.
So please tell me :

what kind of functions should I put in?
Anyone that wants to cooperate with me?
On what operating system should I make this function?
what should I name this bruteforcer?

Please suggest, if you want to cooperate with me, here is my email, contact me.

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Wow Thank You I was literally writing an article about the bruteforce script

and what you want to say is?

are you sarcastic?

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