Forum Thread: Super Spy Advice?

Hypothetically, if a person was living under strict conditions limiting his rights and freedoms, one of which prevents him from owning any computing device capable of accessing the internet- how could he get around this?

Knowing that the (often) fascist law enforcement agencies of the current day use tools like electronics sniffing dogs ( ) and xray guns to scan through walls and crevices in cars, what ideas can you think of to hide something like a small laptop or usb drives with important data?

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man really how dog can sniff sd card or usb. i dont think so it is possible.really in theory if you have usb or sd card just make sure there is no your fingerprints and hide it on public place.If for example somebody will find this there is no proof that it is your because somebody can put it on your place.of course try hide this data in different file or encrypt it with really good password

Dogs have been used for decades by prospectors, geologists and treasure hunters to hunt for precious metals. A dog can be trained to sniff out the precious metals that make the contacts on electronic components the same way it can be trained to sniff out dead bodies or drugs.

In that case, you can enclose them in something like lead, but then it'd become hard to get away if they find it.
Your best bet would be(except what I said above) to camouflage(somewhat) the data, physically or digitally.

If even that is not possible, you'll have to do something that prevents the person to access the files, like design a script that hides the files until something is done, maybe like setting 2 passwords for it.

That's the best you can do to lawfully remain in the state.

-The Joker

One day i saw a great tutorial somewhere on the net, about how to hide a usb key in the wall. Basically you make the hole, place the usb key inside, and use cement to cover everything but the port. In case you want to access it, just plug an extension cable and there you go!

There's a few places in your house to hide things. Maybe a chair has a plastic cap in the chair leg you can pull out and fit a usb into the chair leg, fitting the plastic cap back in.

Opening a radio and placing a usb inside of it. Putting a usb into a waterproof bag and fitting it into the water duct outside. Really, it comes to your imagination. Although a laptop or something bigger will be harder to conceal.

Dogs can sniff well, but they can be tricked. For storage you could purchase a microSD. When you decide to conceal it, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, apply an antiseptic liquid all around (anything with a high alcohol concentration) and then proceed to hide it in a place where you think it will not be located.

Also keep a memory card adapter or a USB card reader (obscure it in the same way as described above) to be able to properly use the microSD.

Whatever trouble you're in, good luck and stay safe.


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