Forum Thread: System Encryption - Worth It?

Hey there,

i'm on a freshly formated Windows System and was wondering about Full-System-Encryption.

I tried it already on a older Laptop (With same HDD Speed) and i noticed some performance flaws. Especially on boot up time.

But i'm not sure if it's worth it to do so. I almost never travel with my Laptop, it's mostly at my Home or at trusted places and i wont lose any performance, just because of a whole system encryption.

I use Virtual Machines on most of my Time for shady things or for Malware analysis and i would prefer to use Containers for the VMachines, which wouldnt affect the performance that much.

Also, System Encryption wont prevent me from infection, it's only for "Anti-Theft-Protection" or if get raided, right?

Thanks guys.

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I would store them on a USB Stick, either encrypted or not, i think encrypted SUB stick + Encrypted Container = bad performance? Or just way too paranoid.

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