Forum Thread: How to Take a ScreenShot of Android Screen Using Metasploit Payload

I know what a meterpreter payload can do from a remote system on an android target. But can it take a screenshot of the current screen of android device and send it to the host ? If it can't what's the alternative?

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you have to first create a payload normal way, using msfvenom.
Once you get meterpreter shell you can use that module. Just make the
current session in background and use the module or no need to make in background i guess.

But normally we use exploit/multi/handler. So here we need to use this instead of that..

no its a post exploit, post exploits are used after you get a session.
Once you get a session shell.. just make it in background using background command and then use it.

It requires root permissions..?

at least that you can find out yourself. i cant spoon feed you everything.
the things i told are more than enough.

Do you mean webcam_snap or screenshot

I always get "tdapiuidesktop_screenshot: Operation failed: 1"
I tried on rooted and non-rooted android phones.

Can somebody help ?

Same with me

  • stdapiuidesktop_screenshot: Operation failed: 1

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