Forum Thread: How to Target One Site if This Site Is Based on an IP Address That Hosts Several Web Site ?

How to target a single site with Metasploit if this site is based on an IP address that hosts several web site ???

Thank you.

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Can you please further explain your problem or goal, I read the post like 3 times and still had no understanding of what you were getting at. Some screenshots and more explaination of the post or goal will do.

( No Offense: I think you should also read the link provided by ghost_ )

# Sergeant

I agree with Ghost and Sergeant. However, I do think I understand what apocalypse means with his question as I have encountered this problem too. A lot of websites are hosted on servers of bigger hosting companies, not on their own little cute vulnerable servers at home.

When you try to scan these websites for vulnerabilities (e.g. with Nikto), you are scanning these huge servers instead of the tiny part where the target website is on.

I also would like to know how this problem could be solved as I'm sure there must be a solution. :)


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