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I need a group with a proffesional members to work with it , Specialists in metaploit

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Wrong way to get a team together.
Side Note: Anything with hacker in the name... Nay a hacker..
Metasploit team???

Mostly true... ;)

See what you did there eh-eh.

Welcome to Null-Byte...?

Pro's of being in the team and Con's?

*AHEM* Why would you come to a public place like this for a private hacking team? Why would you give us a Skype account, since that would make you vulnerable? A Metasploit team? Really? As much as I love Metasploit, no one teams up to make a Metasploit team (whatever that is). I am the Doctor, bowties are cool. Basically, run.

Not the smartest thing you could've done bro....

Might I question your decision in this fashion?: You have no detailed explanation of what a "metasploit team" even is, you have provided no reason for anyone to partake in such an endeavor, this is a community filled with gray hats who may very well hack you, and yet your hopes are to assemble a team? Perhaps you can enlighten us by providing us with the following details:

  • Why we should join
  • What tasks we would complete
  • Why would you need metasploit pro's specifically
  • Why turn to nullbyte when there is a rule in place stating that we aren't hackers for hire


You ask for professionalism but show absolutely none yourself.


Would you be speaking to me, or the gentleman inquiring so that he may receive assistance? (misunderstanding sorry)

The original poster.


Metasploit Team ???

What IS Metasploit Team ??

Metasploit Is A Freamwork To Use Exploits :|

Its Not a Subject In Hacking That U Want To make Team About It

U Can Use This Name For It "N00B's Team"

Good Luck :)))))))

Nice comment editing dude

okay ! contact me and we'll discuss this

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