Forum Thread: TeamSpeak 3 Hacking Methods?

Hello Guys ! , Hope you're all doing fine !

So I've been searching for a while today for ways to use hacking skills in TeamSpeak , just for pranking some friends and education purposes. if someone else is trying to do that too , i highly recommend not to download any of those so called TeamSpeak cracking software's , there are just crap and filled with viruses and malware. be careful out there ! , What I found while searching in Exploit Database Search for those who don't know what's this web site Really is, it's an ultimate archive of Exploits, Shellcode, and Security Papers website you can search for exploits and you can find their Google hacking database , anyway i found at the top of the list this bug (exploit) TeamSpeak Client - Remote File Inclusion to Remote Code Execution it's quite old and i have no idea if it's still functional will it may if the TeamSpeak version is or below.

Any Tips, Methods or explanations about the topic, Please share with me your thoughts !
Thanks in Advance !

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