Forum Thread: Thank You for Helping Out.

I've sent the file to him in his email. Hacking really is not the answer for I.T. stuff.

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most people on here most likely won't help you because doing such a thing is ILLEGAL! even if it seems small, it could still bring a heavy penalty with it.

why don't you just tell your teacher you submitted the wrong file by accident?


Hacking is not the answer to all of your I.T. problems.

Just explain to the teacher that you submitted the wrong file before it's due, teachers are usually pretty cool with stuff like that.


I agree with Ghost_ and Pheonix750. Your teacher will be fine with it as long as you send him the right file in an email, as well as an explanation of submitting the wrong file. You did nothing wrong, correct? Just a silly little mistake! :D

Like everyone else has said, there is no need for hacking the teacher. If anything, you'll get yourself into more trouble than you already seem to be. Honestly, I don't know why the teacher wouldn't let you re-submit.

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