Forum Thread: There Is Someone Out There Who Doesn't Have Anyone to Rely on. Spread the Motivation by Spreading This Python Script

Someone out there has experience depression, a lack of inspiration or motivation. They have nobody to talk to or rely on. Most of them sit in despair. I wrote this little python program in a day inspired to motivate someone. I have had friends who have been depressed or unmotivated. I wrote this program with a intent of someone's day to be better. When you run it gives you a quote on start and you can get more quotes by category. It's very simple, not really that great but words can change people. Null-Byte is a white-hat hacker community and we mainly deal digitally. But most of us have never thought of those in the real world. In today's world, the real world is connected to the digital world. Something as simple as this can make a day better. I 'challenge' null-byte to sneak in 'motivate' to people who you know who suffer from depression or lack of motivation, maybe even yourself. Make someone's day better. This is nothing but a plea for maybe kindly contributing to my program and maybe spreading it to others in hopes of seeing a person change.

The project name is 'motivate' , its intent is not to compromise but for you to help others.

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While this might not be the best place to post such a program, it is quite pleasant.

What kind of 'quotes', may I ask? I mean, if we were to recommend this to anyone, we should at least know how is it different and how are the quotes collected.


Chaos, the github page is open for anyone to view.

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