Forum Thread: Thinking in the Box(Litteraly)

Maybe im thinking hollywood but
What if i had a raspberry pi with an exploit running on it
Send that to my multihandler in kali
Plug the pi in in an central computer in a nearby telephone tower
Take over the network and play with it a bit
Would that work
And if not why? And what would?
This is theoreticly speaking
Anyways thanks in advance
Ps. Sorry for the bad english

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4 Responses

well my friend first you need to have your raspberry linked with the central computer, before asking about if its possible to hack it ask yourself if you would be able to get there and plant your pi.

Ok well if i could manage to get inside (lockpick or try to get in the security) and i could manage to get to the central computer

Would it work?
(Im not gonna do it just exploring options of raspberry pi and hacking??)

i know about the SS7 vulnerability which allows the attacker to spy on private calls.
Or femtocells (250$) they allow you to take over his phone.

i will leave some links :here and here

i will take a look deeper maybe i will find sth better,but this is all for now.

Wow this is insane!!!
But once again just dreaming ;)

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