Forum Thread: TIME to RECOVER and COME BACK TOGETHER. ..........

In recent past our most respected and popular admin OCCUPYTHEWEB left null feels worst ....

But I sincerely feel that we need to recover and continue our sweet and fabulous community again with a new hope.....we must abide by the path OTW showed us...and each one here must try to follow him... I think this is the only way we can make this place even better than before...

Most probably OTW would also be happy seeing this (HOPE)

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But they discarded him like nothing. Would I really want to contribute to a place that does that to its people? I mean, how long has OTW been working here? How long did his employers take to decide to just dump him on the side of the road?

I'm not sure anyone has shared what really happened. All we know by his tweets is that he left because of #poormanagement. According to Bryan Crow, OTW didn't renew his contract and thus I'm not sure what you mean by 'dumped' him. Is there something I'm missing here?

Very true

This is not all done yet, just wait and continue on as normal until we really know what's happening.

The sky isn't falling just yet.


OTW's tweets show that he is still considering the possibility of returning. In fact, he wants to return but can't because of the "new management" which is odd because I'm sure WHT has like 3 employees.

Not sure a return is going to happen with him saying things like "pisspoormanagement" and "badmanagement." I'm all for him coming back, just sayin', another tactic might work better.

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