How To: Detect and Keep a Potential WiFi Hacker Off My Network?

lately, I've been having some difficulty with my network. After recognizing a few signs (becoming de-authenticated and such), i figured someone was, and still possibly is, trying to hack my network. if there a way to detect someone trying to hack my network, and if there is, is there a way to boot him off permanently? also, i wouldn't mind giving this person a little present wink wink but I know hardly anything about hacking myself or much less, getting the guy's IP address. any help would be greatly appreciated and welcome. thank you all for your time.

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There is a way to detect someone within your network, you can scan your network with a scanning application like "Advanced IP Scanner", if you see an IP that is not yours or is not any of your host in your network, it may be an intruder.

You can change the security of your Wi-FI by using a strong encription like WPA and a long password. Also you can set up you router to use a banned MAC list that will prevent that the intruder enter again.

If you want to give him a little present, you have to know a little bit more about security and countermeasure and thing like that. Because may be he has a good skills to avoid your offensive, you never know who you're dealing.


Brian's answer is correct. There are a number of tools to detect the intruder. Brian suggests Advanced IP scanner, but InSSIDER and Netstumbler will also work. Also, you can use Aircrack-ng and the airodump tool to see all the connections to your and everyone's AP.

The best security on a home AP is to use a long passphrase with WPA2, so simply change your encryption to WPA2 and a long passphrase through the AP console. In addition, you put MAC filtering on the AP that only allows your computer on the AP. It also can be configured on the console.

As for a gift, I's suggest a nice bottle of Cabernet would be appropriate.


try using nirsoft wireless network watcher,it automatically detect your router and subsequent ips connected to it

well, thank you all so much for the info. knowledge is power, and it looks like i need to stock my armory. catch you in the funnies

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