How to: Use Multiple Threads/CPUs While Cracking Passwords with John the Ripper (Free Version)

Hi My Fellow Cr4ck3Rs...!

Today I`m gonna show you how to operate John The Ripper with multiple Threads/CPUs. This information is originally taken from following Blogs:

So lets get started...


  • LinuX Operating System
  • GCC Compiler installed, most of the systems have pre-installed (Instructions HERE

Step 1: Downloading JohnTheRipper

  • You have to download official version of john the ripper, even if you are using Kali-LinuX (which has pre-installed JTR). Download the latest version of Free JTR from the Official Website (But here, we are using v1.8).

Step 2: Tweaking!

  • If you have successfully downloaded JTR, Copy/Cut it to root folder (for easier tweaking). Right click on it and select "Extract here". Now open the terminal and enter this command:

cd john-(version)/src

  • Remember: Replace "(version)" with your Downloaded JTR version (As You Know).
  • Now to tweak settings, enter this command in same terminal:

nano Makefile

  • Here, Locate the following lines:

# gcc with OpenMP
#OMPFLAGS = -fopenmp
#OMPFLAGS = -fopenmp -msse2

  • Un comment the following two lines, Like this:

# gcc with OpenMP
OMPFLAGS = -fopenmp
OMPFLAGS = -fopenmp -msse2

Now press Ctrl+X to exit the "Makefile" then press "Y" to save the work (when asked).

Step 3: Re-Compiling JohnTheRipper

  • To re-compile JTR, enter this command:


  • This command will list all the systems where john can be compiled on. So, because I'm running Debian x86_64, I will choose linux-x86-64. Like This:

root@Hacker777:~/john-1.8.0/src# make linux-x86-64

  • Now it will begin to start Re-Compiling your JohnTheRipper Tool. Wait till it completes it process.
  • Now to test JTR, go to: john-1.8.0 (folder) -> run , and enter this command:

./john --test

  • AS you can see in above Screenshot, JTR is now using my all (4) Threads.


  • Special thanks to the bloggers listed above, due to which, I got the proper information.
  • Give your FEEDBACK, if you liked this information.
  • If you got any problems or errors, inform me in comments section. I`ll fix them as soon as I can. BEST OF LUCK...!!!
  • Thank You so much for reading my Thread (You can also join our WhatsApp Group for more information and Guides). BEST OF LUCK ...!

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  • Actually, when I face a problem, I search on the internet alot, and find suitable information from various websites. And finally get the valuable solution of my problem. Then I publish my result or you can say, hard work on this Null-Byte thread. Thats it. Moreover , I`m free in these days from college work, So I give my some time in finding the solution of a problem.
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