Forum Thread: Tor Is US Government Project?

Are we really Anonymous online ????

and Did anyone thought that why US Government strike again and again on WikiLeaks Creator Julian Paul and not on Tor or any member of tor Project

Let's See What They Both Are

WikiLeaks: Share Leaked Information online only related to Government
Tor Project: Share leaked, hidden deep world, and all the illegal work related to real world and virtual world

So Tell Me Which One US Government First Target It Tor or WikiLeaks

And how a hacker is easily traceable while using tor I am taking about before End Node information leak and there are so many story you can read over internet

And last line of this forum is think or test(if you know or study the history and creator background or any research related to that Software) before using it.

And please comment your view and inform us if I was Wrong.................

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6 Responses

Because making or using Tor isn't illegal, using Tor for illegal stuff is illegal.

If u think its legal then what you think how its pass the test from open source to a legal because as per my knowledge its a US Military project and how US make this legal

May be i was wrong or i have half knowledge then please tell us how he became Legal...........

-------MR. X

This is from the Tor FAQ-"Tor is not illegal anywhere in the world, so using Tor by itself is fine."

Take an example of bittorrent protocol. It is heavily used for piracy. But that doesn't make the protocol illegal. So using Bittorrent, Utorrent, etc. is legal as long as you use it for legal purposes such as downloading a Linux distro, etc.

So Tor is legal. Also using Tor is legal as long as you don't use it for illegal activities like selling/buying drugs, etc.

The trick with the end nodes is to use secure ones.
Don't use the standard settings.


... if you are using a software like TOR your traffic belongs to someone else. Hence how Elliot in Mr.Robot explained to a guy in the first episode, whoever controls the traffic controls you or something like that. That you should keep in mind. :)

I'm sure that most of the people working at the Tor project are good, honest people who mean well.

However, let me give you an analogy of what it's like using Tor, in layman's terms:

Imagine driving a shiny red sports car along the Highway with state troopers posted at every mile post looking for.... a shiny red sports car to pull over. Is it illegal to drive a shiny red car? Nope, but it draws attention, in fact, red cars get the most speeding tickets.

If you have nothing to worry about, drive your shiny red car and risk getting pulled over, but if you really want to go incognito, drive a regular ol' car that blends in well with a fast engine.

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