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Ok so like 5 years ago I used to play this game tppcrpg... now I forgot my password and my brother is begging ne to give him my id cause well I was too ahead...

I cant believe they dont have a forgot password thing!! Nothing!!

So I figured id have to hack in to get my id... soo I saw that its everything in php... I dont really kbow what to do now... I tried a ' in front of the url but it displays the intro page no matter where I put ' ...

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so not vulnerable to SQL injection? don't worry. you have many other options, like uploading a PHP shell, for example.

be careful though! don't underestimate small games when it comes to taking you to court.



I don't like to see police officer when i am doing something illegal.
Luckily,I never done any illegal things(Only on virtual machine) :+).
Hope you have a wonderful journey,Se7enPeace.

Cant upload a shell.... what to do?? Just intro page and login page thats all... login.php

But I cant forget password thing cause there isnt... and the id is mine...

Forget it... dont wanna do anything illegal over a little game lol...

just so you learn something: you should do a lot of recon before attempting anything.

i totally agree with OTW, recon IS the most important part of exploiting any system/network.

in this question, it seemed like you didn't know much about your target, which is a bad thing.


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