Forum Thread: How to Trace Facebook User?

First, take my greeting,i am just a learner.I know there is more amazing teachers in nullbyte.Accept me as a student and forgive me if i do something wrong. I will be very grateful if you show me how to track or trace any facebook user?even he /she is using android or pc...Thanks for reading.

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send him a link to a special page that will take his ip! Thats what I used to do.

I approve this method.


Thanks sir,Can you please explain it in details?

When using a service like this one, you'll need to send a link to your victim. When they press this link, their IP address will be logged and sent to you.

Once you have their IP address, you can get much info from it. Like the ISP and approximate location. There are tutorials on here for that.

To get your victim to click the link, you'll need to do some social engineering.


Thank you very much sir,after getting ip how can i show his location in Google Map?

i dont know allot about it but i reccomend you to check geoip

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