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How can we track a mobile number. I'm not talking about installing spy app or metasploit type thing or not even gps. I'm talking about cell tower triangulation. I've tried and it works. Now the problem is we need 4 codes which are MCC,MNC,LAC and Cell ID. The first two codes are available on the internet. The last 2 code LAC(Local Area Code) and Cell ID are dynamic and can only be found with a third party app(any cell tower info app) that is installed on the user's device. Is there a way we can find out the last 2 codes of the user. I mean is there any public directory that has all the information and gets updated every second. Is there a vulnerability or exploit in the cell tower triangulation method that we can use to get the codes. Is there any algorithm or formula to calculate the last 2 codes i.e like (last 4 digit of phone number + x / x or any thing like that). Or is there any way to find out longitude and latitude of the phone number that I don't know about??

I'm android dev and I'm looking for answers.


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I've thought a long while about how to triangulate the origin of calls using cell towers.

My conclusion is that you either have to be in close proximity to the victim, have a court-issued warrant, or have compromised the entire cell region's computer network.

For safety and security reasons, I can imagine that there is no database in the world (At least available for the public - god only knows what lurks in the bowels of the NSA) that lists the location, or info needed to find the location, of phones owned by other people. Think about how much of a violation of privacy that would be - how any cell provider who provided that list would be flattened by both the civilian population and the FCC.

The only options is to get the data yourself, from scratch. For this, you'd likely need to write your own tools, that plugs into known cell tower locations, signal strengths, device IDs, etc. and plant it on computer networks belonging to the region you believe the victim to frequent. Needless to say, this is not a good idea.

Best stick with a good social-engineering attack and a well built android reverse payload.

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