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I share a lot of documents in form of PPTs, PDFs, and Word documents.

I would like to track (and ideally be notified via email/sms) when someone opens one of my documents that I share.

Is there a good way to accomplish this via code (maybe embedded within each document), but if there's a more general purpose way, even better!

My code of choice is python, but I'm open to another language if it accomplishes this task.

PS. Sorry guys, I realize that I posted this in the wrong section, so hopefully it'll be moved over to the Forums section. But since this post is currently in the How-To section, I'd like to post this URL that I've found helpful, which shows how to discover and also embed objects within a PDF file:


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i never tried this before. you could embed a payload in a PDF, like you suggested. but this must be a custom payload you programmed yourself. perhaps something with a client-server achitecture, you being the server and the person opening the document being the client. the client connects to you to confirm that the document was opened, then terminates.

if something was unclear, please reply.


this is a few months late - only just stumbled across your post - I found these a while back -- and


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