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Hello. I have been having trouble getting the command "ifconfig" to work on my terminal. I do not have an external wireless card yet but plan on getting one. I know this may seem trivial. If anyone has any ideas please share. All ideas are welcome! Thanks!

Here is a error I receive:
admin@kali:~$ ifconfig
bash: ifconfig: command not found

I realize I am working under admin privileges and I did this for security purposes. I have also tried it under root and continue to get the same error.

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Greetings. The user account you are using /sbin is not part of its environment, perhaps.
Perhaps by typing the full path to ifconfig i.e. something like /sbin/ifconfig

That is a good first place to look, but he says it doesn't work with root, either. Let's get a screenshot of trying "ifconfig" with the root user.

Update: Thank you all for your help. I typed the full path with the root user and that resolved the problem. Thanks!


It'd be interesting to know if this happened in a brand new installation, so that we can maybe report some bugs, if it is even a bug.

"Update: Thank you all for your help. I typed the full path with the root user and that resolved the problem. Thanks!
2 months ago"

msfpayload has been deprecated. Use msfvenom.

if u get like this commad not found just type like this
sudo ifconfig
and enter system password
add sudo before the command

You must have sudo previlegies.
sudo ifconfig

I can not type in my code... HELP..

You won't be able to see the password, but it's typing.

-bash: ifconfig: command not found
... no, seriously.
I'm root.
Tried sudo anyway.
Tried full path.
This is latest Kali Linux ARM for RPI1 - fresh/latest image d/l from OffSec website flashed to SDCard today.
Screenshot as proof (or self-reassurance I'm not going mad, you choose).

So I checked out the /bin/ (below)... nope. Likewise /sbin/ (I will spare you another screenshot, but trust.

Any idea what embarrassing oversight I have made?
Thanks in advance!

I had the same issue. In order to use the ifconfig tool, you need to install the net-tools package.
sudo apt-get install net-tools

hope this helps,

i figured that the net-tools would have been installed after installing kali-linux-full

Thanks bruv ur a star i had the same problem was stuck for an hour hehehe

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