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For the longest time I didn't care much about anti virus stuff, always had Norton (i know it's shitty) but I was wondering if there was a more respectable AV. I'm downloading Kali Linux on my laptop and a nice AV would probably be a good addition. Thanks in advance

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by running kali linux you shouldn't really need an antivirus(viruses have to be os specific for the most part) windows has always been a major target and there are so many distros that it makes a blanket attack on linux very difficult.... i wouldn't use my hacking computer to do anything that i would consider personal in the first place. But, if you are wanting to live in kali linux there are some trusted anti-virus packages in synaptic(a place where you can find and download packages and read short discriptions about them...

to get synaptic open terminal and enter
apt-get install synaptic

once finished you can type
and it will open the application
from the application you can search anti-virus and it will yield trusted results

Thanks very much!

Why would you ever need AV on Kali? Are you implying you'll be using it as if it were your typical, everyday-use operating system?

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