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hello friends
in this tutorial i am going to show you how to turn up your txpower in your kali linux system

this will help you to perform a perfect evil twin

this action is illegal in US

Step 1: Turn Up Power

write the codes in terminal with root access

root@kali:~$ifconfig wlan0 down
root@kali:~$iw reg set BO
root@kali:~$ifconfig wlan0 up
root@kali:~$iwconfig wlan0 txpower 30

now you can check your txpower by simply type iwconfig

have a great day

If it works for you please let me know

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What is the purpose of txpower ?,

txpower basically "strengthens" your wireless card power to make it able to connect to far-away devices/far awy devices to connect to it.

In the US, you can legally turn txpower up to 27.

Thanx you soo much i will try this ..

This guide will be read by some people who dont know what each command do, so if you would add what each command do and how it works, that would be perfect. Nice post btw. Cheers

The last line is unnecessary.
If trying to reg set in the us do :
iw reg set US wlan0

You must type "reg set BO" that you can turn up your TXpower to 30 unless you can only turn it up to 25

It goves auto up to 30 dbm if you write US instead of BO.

BO command dont work in 2019.
Write"iw reg set us"

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