Forum Thread: Turning a Raspberry Pi into a Data Stealing Device?

Well, I am currently thinking about turning a Raspberry Pi with an external harddrive in a device that, when plugged into a computer, automatically copies all documents via a usb to usb cable. I haven't found anyone who did this yet so I was wondering if it is even possible or do I miss something?

(Also, any suggestions for where to start are welcome)

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There are almost infinite things you can do with rasp. like i always get evil idea inspite of being white hat. Just keep digging in. you'll make it.

Yes I know, I already found a way to use the rubber ducky and a usb in a usb hub. However the rubber ducky is never completely silent. This means that if you want a hardware backup device that does not come with any distractions it would not be perfect for the job. Therefore I was wondering if it is possible to execute code on another computer when you connect to it via usb to usb cable.

If you make this, do share it with the community. I have a spare pi and really nothing to use it on besides vulnerability development.

Yes I will, but I am don't have much time at the moment so as soon as I have the time for it I will try and make a tutorial for it.

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