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If you do not know, you are free to ask/request for tutorials that you think would be great to see posted on Null Byte. I'm always looking to write stuff that people want to read, so help me, help you!

Leave any tutorial requests/ideas in comments on this thread.


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Tutorial on ASM? :D

Or at least how to start, extreme basics, starter programs etc.

Haha, you should get in Gobby with Sol Gates and I some time this week. We will probably do some reading and code some ASM, I'm fairly new to it still.

Like I said before, mac and Gobby don't seem to play nice..

Oh yeahh :p. Well, IRC is still good :D We can just use GitHub, which also allows us to keep backups. Not as elegant as Gobby...but it works.

Or he can use Gobby in Virtual Box

Might be a bit of a pain though just to code :(. Poor Bird andBear.

Yea, the trouble I have with virtual machines is not really worth the code.. Not yet anyways! We shall see, I now have some decent virtualization software, now I just need a decent copy of windows..

How about one week we make a proxy in python and use google to route our traffic?

How would we use Google to route our traffic? We could write up a proxy server in python and then run it on a free shell or something?

Google app engine I believe is how you would do it

I've always been interested in learning how to make not just an IRC bot but one with modules and such? Kind of like Supybot?

I'd greatly appreciate a tutorial on such a thing.

I shall give you great resources in IRC. :D

Another Social Engineering tutorial would be cool.  Such as the basics of it, techniques, how you can tell if you're naturally inclined to be a good social engineer, etc.

I've got some great SE stuff lined up, buddy :). I'll make sure to PM you when it's up so you know ASAP.

I've downloaded CS5 web premium for windows vista. I've been trying to get cracks to keep it, but I'm having trouble with finding good tutorials that work. Can someone help. I'm pretty noob to this, so simple steps are better. 

We can't discuss software piracy on the forums.

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